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Sam L. Feezell Wellness Center 

Samuel Lee Feezell, born September 17, 1928, died September 7, 2010, was the son of the Rev. Lee Asbury and Nettie Hope Feezell, the husband of Nancy Thornburg, and the brothers of Elizabeth Feezell Smith and Mary Feezell Starnes. 

A smile on his face, a wave of his hand, and the sound of his voice created a greeting as warm as the sunshine. Joy, love, and loyalty emanated from his inner spirit and characterized his daily living with family, friends, and business associates, and the citizens of this community. His roots were deep, never forgotten, and his code for living straight and true. 

In his personal life and as a business entrepeneur, he was propelled by goals of worth. In his business his first priority was meeting the needs of people and being the best at doing it. His life's journey originated from native ability and personal initiative and was enhanced and energized by acquired knowledge and opportunity. These elements directed him toward a destiny of achievement and service. He approached his goals with a vision, determination, and courage; he applied knowledge and energy in a practical and organized manner. He marched forward and upward to the top, leaving behind etched pathways for others. Sam's history of fairness and generosity, his impeccable honesty, his sound reason and judgement, and his purity of purpose and principle proved to be unbreakable threads in his garment of life. He responded to the beautiful music of his sensitive soul. He accepted all humankind without regard to race, color, or creed, and he encouraged and appreciated their creative and useful contributions. With passionate regard, he embraced the beauty and magnificence of creation, especially investing himself in the love and care of animals. 

Sam realized the fulfillment of a vibrant curiosity and an adventuresome nature. In that realm, the richness of his choices included traveling throughout this county and across continents; swimming, skiing, boating, and fishing wherever water was found; reading hundreds of great books of history and biography; enriching the moments through music found in many mediums; and promoting the growth of the blossoming red roses and the tall pines reaching the sky. 

Sam lived large and fully, always mentally keen and decisive, always kind and giving, ever active and engaged in learning and looking forward. His successful career and personal life can be a powerful example for all who would strive to realize their highest potential. 

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